Dear Pilgrims of 308th Warsaw Pilgrimage!

This year, on the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord on August 6, 2019, the 308th Warsaw Foot Pilgrimage from Warsaw to Jasna Góra will set off on the pilgrimage route.
The Pilgrimage we are making this year has a motto: JASNA GÓRA MOTHER OF LIFE, and is dedicated to the beatification of the Servant of God Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, who for many years blessed us at the start of the pilgrimage and welcomed us at the thresholds of Jasna Góra. In the difficult 1960s, he appreciated the pilgrims at Jasna Góra by saying: „The Pilgrims have never let me down”. In his teaching, the Primate of the Millennium, in reference to the Mother of God, used the title of MOTHER OF LIFE. We start from the Church in which Spiritual Adoption of the Conceived Child was initiated.
Our pilgrimage has also a special reference which is the 40th anniversary of the first pilgrimage of Saint John Paul II to the Homeland. The Polish Pope was a great worshiper of the Mother of God. He expressed his Marianism in the motto TOTUS TUUS.
Along with a request to accept an invitation to attend the 308th Warsaw Foot Pilgrimage, I am asking for a blessing and a prayer memento. We entrust to the Queen of Poland the time of preparation and pilgrimage during the 308th Warsaw Foot Pilgrimage.
Current information on the preparation to 308th Warsaw Foot Pilgrimage can be monitored on the website: and facebook: @wpppaulini.
With words of memory and prayer,

Fr. Marek Tomczyk
Head of 308th Warsaw Pilgrimage