Spiritual Pilgrimage

Every year, thousands of pilgrims from  various parts of Poland as well as from outside its borders arrive in to the throne of Our Lady of Jasna Gora in foot pilgrimages.

The Warsaw Foot Pilgrimage also has a spiritual dimension, embracing people who, for reasons beyond their capacity, can not embark on the path to Jasna Gora Mountain of Victory. The spiritual pilgrimage program of WPP is defined by the slogan of each pilgrimage. After the departure of WPP, this program is implemented in the Pauline Fathers Church of the Holy Spirit in Warsaw, at  Dluga Street No. 1 corner of Freta Street, from where, since 1711, pilgrims has set off on the pathway thus forming WPP.


Please feel invited! Join us!

We hope that thanks to your spiritual pilgrimage, Brother / Sister, we will more easily overcome difficulties and inconveniences encountered and better endure all suffering on the pilgrim’s trail.


Conditions for Spiritual Pilgrimage to Jasna Gora


All those who for various reasons will not be able to participate in the pilgrimage physically, we encourage to enroll for the pilgrimage of the spirit; a spiritual pilgrimage with pedestrian pilgrims.

Your spiritual presence is testimony to the commitment of the experience of retreats and spiritual way of communication with us, expressed through prayer and daily Mass, celebrated on the pilgrim trail, where in particular we present to God all your intentions.

 Your spiritual presence on the pilgrimage route will be support and appreciation for the pilgrims efforts to get to Jasna Gora. This spiritual connection, we will keep on the route by daily prayer for you and your family, during the Appeal of Jasna Gora, as well as carrying your intentions before the Miraculous Image of Our Lady of Jasna Gora.

As organizers, over the years we have experienced how great and necessary is the help of spiritual pilgrims group in order to best experience these unique retreats on the way to the Lady of Jasna Gora.


What is a spiritual pilgrimage?

It involves a spiritual participation in the Warsaw Foot Pilgrimage to Jasna Gora.


  1. The spiritual pilgrimage lasts for nine days, from 6 to 14 August
  2. The spiritual pilgrims connect spiritually with the pilgrims along the route and at least partially perform religious practices made by foot pilgrims.
  3. Spiritual Pilgrimage takes place in the church and in the home.
  4. In the pilgrimage Church of the Pauline Fathers from 6 to 14 August each year, during the Mass at 5:00 p.m., the content of the conference / meditations realized by the walking pilgrims on the particular day is pronounced to the spiritual pilgrims

After the Mass, before Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, novena prayer is carried out in the intentions of the universal Church and WPP pilgrims.

Who is a spiritual pilgrim?

  1. The spiritual pilgrim declares his or her participation, registering with the Group of spiritual pilgrims of WPP
  2. In addition, for a voluntary donation, spiritual pilgrim receives a commemorative badge of the group of spiritual pilgrims and pilgrim card with the route of the pilgrimage, so that he or she could keep track of pilgrimage wandering.
  3. Registration is carried out at the information desk at the Church of the Holy Spirit, at. Dluga Street No. 1 corner of Freta Street – / see? Registration? /; before or after the novena in the above church.
  4. We make an entry in the Book of Spiritual Pilgrimage
  5. The invitation of sisters and brothers to the spiritual pilgrimage, assumes in the perspective of faith the following tasks:
  • morning prayer, singing the Hours of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary;
  • participation in the morning or evening Mass, or at least spiritual communion;
  • consideration of the biblical texts for particular days (according to the Liturgy of the Word on the day);
  • consideration of the texts presented on the route of the pilgrimage or appropriate spiritual reading;
  • at noon (12.00) Angelus in particular intentions;
  • Holy Rosary, litanies to the Virgin Mary, Novena to Our Lady of Czestochowa;
  • Stations of the Cross and / or the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (preferably about 3.00 p.m.);
  • Fridays: the practice of penance, fasting, silence, acts of Christian charity;
  • evening Appeal of Jasna Gora at 9.00 p.m.

Prayer of a Pilgrim

Virgin Mother of God of Jasna Gora. In Thy Immaculate Heart, I offer my spiritual pilgrimage. Uniting by the spirit and prayer with pilgrims aiming to Jasna Gora, I offer this day in the intention / say intention /. I give you, my Mother, my joys and concerns, meetings and conversations, desires and good works. I unite my work with your work in Nazareth, your suffering and humiliation at the Cross of Jesus on Calvary. Mother of God, Patroness of pilgrims carrying aid to Saint Elizabeth, making pilgrimage with your family to Jerusalem, take far away from me all the traps of the evil spirit, provide protection of the Holy Angels to guard me on the way and happily bring me to a destination. Be my Guide on all paths of my life, teach me to fulfill the Father’s will, deepen relationship with Jesus and read the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. And when the end of my earthly pilgrimage comes, stand by me, and lead me safely to the heavenly homeland. Amen

Imprimatur, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Czestochowa: Bishop Jan Wątroba, Ldz. 203 Czestochowa, 22.04.2004

What gives you spiritual pilgrimage?

„That same day two of them were on their way…”(Luke 24:13)

Each of us is like Cleopas and the other disciple – not mentioned by name – a pilgrim. Disciples aiming to Emmaus, fled from Jerusalem. They fled because their Master, of whom they had expected so much, was killed. And they feared for their lives, afraid of everything that could happen there now. Therefore they flee.

However, something unusual has happened. A stranger who joins them, explains the Scriptures, breaks bread for them, then they stand up and go back to Jerusalem. The encounter with Jesus becomes for them the time of the resurrection. Now they come back without anxiety and fear and have the power to bear witness to their faith – they have the power to carry their daily crosses.

Dear Brother! Dear Sister!!!

Embark with us on the pilgrims trail! Although you will not be with us personally, you can be with us in spirit. Make a spiritual pilgrimage. St. Luke speaks of Cleopas and the second unnamed disciple.

Both of them have been transformed.


You are looking for a change of life? This may be a good beginning of the renewal of your faith, your life! So stay with us on the pilgrim trail. Stay to listen to the Word of God, to be enkindled with God’s love. And all this is for the same reason as with the disciples of Emmaus – to go and preach the truth of the Risen Christ – the Gospel of Hope, which liberates you from fears, gives a new meaning to life.

We hope that you will join the company of spiritual pilgrims who with their prayers and presence will support the preparation and conduct of the Warsaw Foot Pilgrimage.

May our common pilgrimage unite us in earnest and fruitful realization of the chief tasks of Foot Pilgrimage.

Pauline Fathers from Warsaw